Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple birthday cards..

Colored the girl with some chalk ink and blender pen.


More of Crate Paper's goodness!!

Not sure why the pics are dull....oh well...

Thats all from me now. I'm going for Pilates class today, so so excited. I've stop all sorts of dance + work-out due to my torn knee ligament....its been 6 months and im itching to do something, rather than waiting for the muscles to turn to fat. hehe.

So wish me luck peeps.....i'll take it slow

(thats if I can curb my kiasu-ness of wanting to do everything) Darn!


Blossom inch said...

absolutely beautiful cards the red rose, the papers and the stamp. very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing!

Craftylicious said...

your simple cards are simply delightful gurl!! :)

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

You have a awesome collection of creations. Luv ur works n now following ur blog too.

Cindy Lee said...

HOW SWEET!! Love these cards girlfriend!

vivacela said...

Beautiful babe! I preferred the second one..Just my own preference. ^_^ Sorry yea..hv been busy. Keep creatin babe!