Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lil Lady Abby

HELLO crating world!!

I am really trying to squeeze in time to craft in my busy schedule. in 4 months I created 2 LOs and 3 cards.........i would say not a bad try eh?!

I came to the conclusion that using the 'KISS' (keep it simple sweetheart) is the best principle for creating a LO. All you need is PP or cardstock, pictures, alpha titles, a little bit of embellishments & JOURNALLING (by far one of the most important elements to preserve memories).

Oh how I enjoyed creating the LO below, it was fast, simple and to the point. Previously I would take hours to match and crack my head for picking the embellishments, only to discover that I always feel that I'm lacking of embellishments, like serious lack.........which will eventually lead to more spending and hoarding.

So to all you crafters who have been procrastinating to scrap......just 'KISS' and you'll be surprise with how many LOs you can create. Happy Creating!

Meet little Abigail, Cindy Lee's adorable girl.


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Cindy Lee said...

Hey babe! I love this layout so much!! Abby changed so much since this picture was taken. How time flies! I love your KISS concept...lol :)