Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hello Friends.

How have you been. I've not blogged for a week. WOW, so caught up with Choreographing new dances for the christmas musical & work load has been a bummer.

Was working till 2am last night. *Yawn*. I did sneak a little time to play with some goodies (while waiting for my files to be uploaded). :)

Was not planing to create the covers for my December Daily yet, but when I saw this cut out, it was perfect. Wanted a simple album, loaded with Pictures...YAY!

December is coming a tad too fast, I need to close all my action items first....arghhhhh!!!

What about you? Are you in the bandwagon for december daily? :)



Evelin said...

love the cover you made.... but up till today, I am still not too sure what December Daily is... :P

Blossom inch said...

Nope I am not! I am a hard core Project Lifers and I am totally happy with my daily journal and picture taking. Awesome babe and do share your Dec daily with us and have a lovely Wednesday.