Friday, November 2, 2012

My calling.

Hello friends.

Its wonderful to have the weekend come again right? As usual, my weekends are way busier than my weekdays. Virtually no such thing as extra sleep time. :)

Let me introduce to you Kingdom Dancers, a dance ministry of SWYF (shalom working youth Fellowship). We have always been known as 'dance ministry', but this year, everything advanced when I had the call to name the ministry 'Kingdom Dancers'. 

I thought it was the end of my calling when I tore my left knee ligament back in 2010. I literally stopped dancing for about 10 months. Totally heartbroken and I knew things would never be the same again, but little did I know that God had a bigger plan for me. In September of 2011, I got an invitation to participate in Project Dance. To cut the long story short, I danced again after my was the toughest, there were so many things that I couldn't do, my turns were not fast enough, my pointe was not really pointed and it was FRUSTRATING. As a dancer it is our pride and joy to be technically strong, but at that point, it seemed that I have regressed.

I cried many nights, always questioning if this is something I should continue "Is there light at the end of this tunnel??" With the encouragement of Aaron, I persisted and carried through. I survived all the practices with knee guards & knee braces (with extra muscle aches too) and came the weekend....I made it! I made it through all the massive dancing for 3 days (including the killer workshops) & I danced on stage with Cheryl Cutlip (the founder of Project Dance), I even had coffee with her. It was such a dream come thru.

Having gone thru this experience just encourages me to continue dancing. God has made me a strong girl & nothing can stand in the way when He calls, absolutely NOTHING. When everything else fails, GOD can! 

So NO, it is not the end of my calling, it is the beginning of a very beautiful journey. Praise the Lord.

Former rockettes & Founder of project dance: Cheryl Cutlip
Very quickly on the LO below. God blessed us with a 3 panel portable mirrors which cost us almost RM2k, and it was sponsored by SWYF. We are so honored and grateful.

A little longer than usual, but I wanted to share my heart.

Blessed Weekend.



Blossom inch said...

Great you can dance again and just be extra careful darl and what a nice portable mirrors and very nice page you did. Have a great weekend babe!

Sharon Corn said...

Awww..thank u Blossom Inch. Ya need to be vigilant! :)

Evelin said...

God heals! Just believe and claim His healing! :)

Keep dancing! Just take extra care, k? :)