Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Hello there 2013

I know, its a little late for the welcoming, but better late than never. :)

Totally eventful December that left me stunt at how fast the last month flew by. Another Christmas gone.

It is scary to know that January is passing by quickly. 15 days into the new year....

Oh did I mention anything about Project life? Yup, i'm a project lifer now. I've almost completed up to week 2, will photograph it soon. I am so so excited with Project Life, and lets hope my excitement will carry thru till Dec 31st. :)

I guess thats all from me now. I'm excited to see where crafting takes me this year. Cheers to a very colorful year!!

2013, you will be a Fantastic year!!!



Evelin said...

lovely layout! :)
Happy New Year and I am doing PL this year too!

Gonna have to play a bit of catch up cos I was out of town last week... :D

Blossom inch said...

Hello! Sharon, how are you? Happy New Year!!! Welcome to Project Life and yes you can do it! I am glad that this year is my 2nd year of doing PL and I have completed my 2012 PL - yeay!!! for that. I am sure you can do it and lets get inspired and do check out Papier blog and my blog from time to time for a little bit of inspiration on PL.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Lovely work!!!!! :D