Monday, February 4, 2013

February Already?

Is it just me, or is time moving faster?

It seems like we just celebrated the new year, and its already February? Scary eh. I cant help but be thankful that I'm project life-ing each passing week. Almost completed week 5 and I'm loving it more and more. Aha, more like super in love with PL. :)

Well February started out at the right foot for me. We finally launched 'I am rose of Sharon' ( Previously known as Greeen Bananas ( from 2008, I am proud to say that we have re-branded our online shop to a new direction. 

Yippie Yi Yi!

Got my lovely name card printed...designed by the talented Josie Teh.

I pray that this rebranding will be a beautiful journey. Cant wait to see what God has installed for us in this area.

 Spent my saturday afternoon in Starbucks working hard to prepare for the launching. Deep in concentration & a cuppa Hojicha Tea to keep me company.

My beautiful models, Sneak of my editing process. :) I was getting so excited by just prepping the photos......lovely feeling.

Do drop by our blog or Facebook ( 

Thanks all from me now. I'll be back tomorrow to update my PL Week 5.


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Evelin said...

Love your photo.. so pretty! :)