Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life Week 7

It was an interesting week.

This week in particular I was debating if I should Project life then Aaron told me to go ahead, to document the 'not so good' weeks.

It is easier to document when we are having fun & being happy but what if we're suddenly exposed to being vulnerable? Not only picture taking becomes a drag, even journalling in an open album becomes a drag.

On the 2nd day of CNY, we had a lot of fun, started our day early with a nice breakfast...then it was to the cinema for another dose of Les Mis, this time around we were singing to almost every song. LOL, irritating u might think....but it was just so much of fun for us.

The day just progressed with lunch and we finally headed home. It is then that we received an alarming FB msg from our dearest friend that her husband had collapse & their wedding dinner (which was 2 nights later) is cancelled. Deep down, I was feeling very disturbed and I tried calling her many times but unfortunately I could not get hold of her. Close to evening, I finally got a text from her, and we manage to set up a tentative date to meet that night, after my dinner @ Batu Feringhi. Long story short, we didnt meet that night...so I told her I'll meet her at the hospital after lunch.

Next day came, I walked into the ICU to look for her, there he was, Ben lying beside a lot of machines, heavily sedated. A neuro surgeon was there explaining the MRI taken....and then the surgeon broke the news, Ben was in critical condition. An overwhelming swift of sadness swept me, my eyes were swelling with tears but I controlled because I needed to be there for her. I just held her hand & we listen attentively to the surgeon. Ben needed to be operated, his brains were swelling and they need to cut the skull to remove the pressure. 

After the surgeon left, we went by Ben's side and prayed. 
Su was devasted but hopeful. 

All this happened on Wednesday. 3rd day of CNY.

The days to follow, we were spending most of our time at the ICU, giving support to Su & praying hard for Ben. In fact we had people praying for him from London, Australia, Singapore, Penang, KL. Ben's condition was still critical & unstable. The clot in his brain still remain untouched.

Come Sunday evening on Su's birthday (17th Feb), Ben was very critical. She was rushing to the hospital close to 10pm. We arrived at 11pm. Doctors said, they have done everything they can, Ben was brain dead. Standing in the ice cold ICU, listening to the doctor's words, watching Su & wondering how is she going to digest all this. I felt helpless. I just prayed.

Doctors encourage the family members to spend the night with Ben, as he may not make it thru the morning. 

As I was walking to the foot of Ben's bed, Su with tears streaming down her face looked at me and ask "Sharon, what do I do now?" At that moment, it was as if a dagger just pierced thru my heart. My mind was blank.....

The only thing we could do was pray. Thats what we did. A few things happened after that and we left the hospital about 2.30am. 

At 8.17 monday morning, Ben passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

Following that Ben's cremation was on Wednesday. Totally shocked by the turned of event. If we ourselves can be so shocked, I can only imagine what Su must be going thru. I know Su has inspired many people, her faith in God is so strong, even to the very end she was very composed because she knows that her God is in control. 

If you are reading this post, do say a prayer for Su. 

I guess thats all from me now.

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Life is too fragile. Live it with meaning & purpose.



Josie said...

Sorry you had to go through a rough week... hope you will feel better soon :)

Cindy Lee said...

I feel for you my dear. You are such a great friend and I'm sure Su is grateful to have her friends around at difficult times like this. Hugs.