Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back with Week 34 & 35

Hello Peeps,

Sorry for the MIA, everything has been back to back.

Life is tough isn't it? Every decision we make has consequences.
So many things running in my mind right now, so many decisions to make, so many consequences to face. God, what should I do?

Many a times I just want to run and hide, run into that hiding place where only God can find me.

Anyways I'm glad that PL reminds me of the little things around my life, the little joys that money cannot buy nor time that cannot move its way back, but only to savor the moment and memories.

Here is week 34:

Week 35: 
Bubble tea + Celebrated Malaysia's independence day.

I am definitely so proud of being a Penang-nite and I know that Malaysia will soon follow suit to your footsteps of change. :)

Thats all from me now. Have a blessed Mid-week peeps. :)


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