Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A non PL related post.

hahahhaa....what a funny header to blog.

But its true, finally a non PL related post. Poor blog has been neglected all because of my busy schedule. 

Leading a dance team, choreographing, teaching is challenging but yet rewarding at the same time. Its pure joy to totally embrace my passion & calling. There is something so freeing about dancing, it expresses from deep within, speaking from one's soul....man that is powerful. Thank you God for this beautiful gift.

So back to my daily life. I try to cook every now & then.....the Mr. loves home cooked, even if its a simple dish. So made this soba dish last night.
Took the recipe from here: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2013/10/sweet-and-spicy-soba-noodles.html
Plus a simple clear soup to accompany the soba. :)

An early birthday gift from mom. Yes she signed me up as a member too... LOL. She loves good shoes, handbags and facial products....oh what a cute mom I have.

I guess I'll continue blogging what my Sunday looks like...
We went for a quick lunch @ Bangkok Lane, then it was to paragon...

 Latte Break @ Coffee Elements.

 Really yummy Caramel Latte. The cake tasted terrible though, but would definitely go back for the Latte's. :)
Bump into this little cutie in H&M, those eyes....so mesmerizing. Abby was really friendly with Aunty Sharon, I love kids who responds to people...just makes them more adorable, dont you think?

We dropped by church after Tea, our friends were painting/preparing proclamation banners for the Closing of the Year of faith. Can you tell its gorgeous? 100% handmade & hand painted. Love!

I guess thats all from me now. I shall attempt to blog more non PL related stuff. :) I have missed you blogging world. 



Josie said...

Welcome back! ;)

Cindy Lee said...

Haha...love seeing Abby on your blog :)