Monday, June 16, 2014

Mid June

I need time to slow down just a tad bit...

Mid June?? Like seriously?

Im officially 10 weeks behind Project life....hahahha...I'm still loving the minimalist approach. Simple is pleasing to the eye and soul. hahah.

So week 15 Spread1:

A beautiful, tiring, crazy trip 2 nights 1 day trip to KL to participate in Jesus Culture session & worship night. God is indeed so faithful to us. 

Spread 2: Loving this chipboard, fitted so perfectly for this experience. This worship team is indeed my style, and I love how spontaneous they are.

Ps. Banning, so practical and dynamic.

Worship night, good seats!

I am so so thankful for this experience. We stood so close to them, we were so inspired, God's presence and anointing was so strong. As a worship leader myself, I am very must inspired by Kim Walker-Smith. Her passion for worship is so sincere and genuine. A simple desire from the heart is met. You proved to me that you listen to every desires of my heart and you fulfill them. Oh joy, what a faithful God you are. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

This spread was heavy loaded with photos, and the midnight core kit was perfect for this busy page. *LOVES*

Have a great week ahead.


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Josie said...

Yeay to an awesome comeback! pls keep going so i feel motivated too! LOL love 'em.