Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life Updates continued...

Picking up from yesterday....

Previously I was a software engineer + a technical writer for a large multinational company till November of 2014.

I have since then ventured into tiny paths of earning some pocket money. 

I have always been passionate about dancing, it is almost second nature to me, and ever since I was 19, I was already leading a dance team. So for almost half my life, I have been dancing! Wow. Seems freaky phrasing it like that. LOL!.

Rewinding to early March this year, a friend asked if I would be interested to teach dance as an after school activity in an International School. I was totally apprehensive at first but then I could do with a little extra cash *winks*, so almost reluctantly.....I said yes .... submitted resume and I got in. Yup cheers to new adventures & pushing new boundaries.

I taught for a full semester. YAY!

Cheeky monsters. Its a lot of work trying to coordinate everybody to dance.... but I adore them. :)

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