Friday, July 1, 2016

Crafty Updates.

Officially mid year. So..... hello July of 2016. 

Im excited to see what 2nd half of this year will look like. Yes I am so ready for you. *smiles*

Ok coming back to crafting, I made a daring move to open up my own Etsy shop to sell some handmade stuff. I have always wondered what its like to have a creative career option but was kinda afraid. After much much encouragement from my husband, I decided to go for it. I will blog about my experience and process in another post.

For today, I wanted to showcase some personalised gifts I made for some custom orders. Each one is unique and tells a different story, I am so glad to be apart of this creative process. Truly. So thankful.

The frames above was a mothers gift to the boy's grandmothers. The blank space was left intentionally to stamp his foot print. What a cute and thoughtful gift right? I love it. 

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