Thursday, July 21, 2016

Burn it Deep

Burn it deep, within my soul
New strength and fire O Lord.
Burn it deep, within my soul,
New zeal and fire O Lord.

Burn it deep, within my soul,
New strength and fire, it makes me whole.
Burn it deep, deep within my soul.

If you wondering what those words are, they are lyrics to the current song thats on repeat. 

It is a song written in 1989 by Kent Henry. Relatively old song, so old I almost forgot it existed. Somewhere in my late teens, I heard this song and it somehow resinated in my spirit. Honestly I don't think I even fully understood the context of the lyrics......but it just resinated.

Fast forwarding 15 years....just a couple of weeks ago, I was searching for some songs on spotify and I came upon this particular song. I hit the play button and as soon as the first note came thru my car stereo, all the emotions and memories came crashing like a flood. I was so wrecked by the song, just like back then. Balling my eyes out worshipping him. What I didn't understand back then I did now. It was a simple prayer, asking Him to burn deep within my soul, so deep that no matter what circumstance I will not run far. True to His name, He kept his deal.

Totally grateful and thrilled I made that prayer. Today I know that there is an unquenchable hunger within me, a hunger for His presence, a hunger to be deeper in love. It was the perfect timing. I needed to be reminded of the supernatural strength that makes me whole. I needed to be reminded of the new zeal and new fire thats burning.

Do not underestimate the power of prayer. God remembers. He never forgets. Do not think that any prayer is too silly for Him. Coz what may seem silly to us is probably the best prayer.

Do you have any song that resinates within you? I encourage you to find out why.

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