Friday, July 15, 2016

A baby card

Created something simple last night. Love love the color yellow on baby cards. 

Just looking at the card makes me happy. Awwww, something so magical and beautiful about babies yea?

I am still waiting for our turn to conceive our bundle of joy. Waiting, waiting for the last 5 years. While waiting for our turn, He has been good to put a few god-children, nieces, nephew and even younger cousins into our life. They have been a joy.

Recently I learned that, He allows people with the same breakthrough which we prayed for (which we have NOT received YET) to cross our paths for a reason. It is not to aggravate or to compare ourselves, but rather to test if we can celebrate the breakthroughs and victories in other people's life. Some may ask, "Why would He do that?" I believe that He is more interested in our character building than what we can receive or give.

Being able to celebrate the victories and breakthroughs of others (especially the ones which we desire & want so badly - Yes I gotta emphasise that part) requires a genuine heart. A heart without jealousy, malice, anger..... A heart so full of God's love, a heart without comparison and a heart that is not judgemental. 

Phew~ I admit, I definitely struggle. But I'm learning.... and readjusting my mindset so that I can have His heart in mine.

It is also good encouragement to be surrounded with people of your desired breakthroughs because, If God can bless them, He can surely bless us too. He is after all a good good Father and He only desires the best for us. 

So chin up! Lift your eyes up for your desired breakthroughs are coming. Let us all have hearts that is exploding with His love and go on, try celebrating the victories of others, it is so so liberating.

I wish you Peace and Joy.

P/S: I would love to hear from you. :)


Unknown said...

Sharon, I totally feel and understand where you coming from. I too believe that He knows when it is the right time and when we are ready . He has all the answers and plans. Lets continue to pray and have faith. GOD bless.

Unknown said...

Oops.. It's me Pam. I dont know how to edit that.