Thursday, July 14, 2016

Soaking in...

Soaking in Psalm 102 and Matt 11:28-30.

Im having a good week, my heart is so full with His goodness. My heart is calm, and experiencing tremendous peace. 

If you are going through a storm in your life, I would like to encourage you to hang in there. Keep your eyes on Jesus, not on the storm. 

I am exhibit A, speaking from a point view of someone who almost drowned being overwhelmed by her circumstances. Is everything hunky dory now? absolutely not. So what changed? Having a renewed mindset and shifting focus from considering everything is a problem to embracing the journey. Was it overnight? Sad to say, it wasn't. It was daily reprogramming and on some low days, it was constant.

It takes time, but.. We need to make that decision. The decision to take the upper hand. The decision to rise above our self pity mode.

I encourage you to not give up. To keep moving forward and find the strength in your heart to be thankful for everything thats happening now. (yes, more so for the bad stuff)

Stand tall, be brave and live a life that inspires.

Love you.


Unknown said...

That's a really nice piece Sharon! And thank you again for offering to help me out today. Although I was able to sort things out eventually I know you would have had to go out of your way had I accepted your offer.

Keep writing. You never know who it may touch.

Unknown said...
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