Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Project Life 2017?

Hello Hello. There is this nagging feeling that I should really Project life for 2017. I find that by documenting bits and pieces of my life, I have a healthier, more thankful mindset and attitude. It helps me to be in the moment, to enjoy my journey. 

I'm deciding if I should go with a 6x8 album instead of a 12x12, I'm also hunting down Simple stories page protectors, anybody know where I can order it from?. Sure hope I can keep the momentum going. :)

Changing the topic here..

I wanted to share with you how my meals looked like yesterday.

Breakfast: Cherrios with low fat milk

Lunch: Sautéed Swiss button mushroom with cherry tomatoes on toast & A cup of coffee. So so yumsssss.

Tea: 2 kiwis over a personal pan pizza (seriously, I drove to the pizza place but couldn't get a parking lot, so I took it as a sign. LOL. So happy I had the kiwis instead. Heheh)

Dinner: Simple Chinese dishes. We had cincaluk onion omelette, stir fry baby bak choy with garlic and first try steam fish (yums). 

Nothing beats a simple home cooking. A little bit more work but much more healthier and satisfying. 

Hope this will inspire you to cook up something. :)

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