Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines 2011

It was low key.

Living with the man you love, we celebrate love almost everyday. (=

Of all days I was craving for Lamb chops, and not just any lambchops....but this particular one.
Ooooo, it just melts in your mouth.....mmmmm. This chops is found in a 'kopitiam' @ penang road. MmmmMmmmmMmmm..... So thats where our Valentines meal a kopitiam. LOL!
No hype whatsoever. Just Aaron & I.

HIS:: Blackpepper chops

HERS:: Creamy Mushroom sauce chops
On 15th Feb 2011....the celebration continued.....

Nasi Melayu

HERS:: Sambal Fish+ Sambal Terung+ Fish cutlet + Fried Egg

HIS:: Sotong + Vegetables

It was quite pricey, but we had a good brunch.

Vain-ing should not be missed.


After Brunch I dropped by Smidapaper, and bought some goodies again, I love that warm and cozy shop. It just feels so pretty.

So here, a card I made for my "Honey Bee".

Recycled that border strip from American Crafts paper. Added in 'I' and 'in' to complete the sentence. A really simple card with busy patterns.

"I cant help falling in LOVE"

How did you spend your Lovey day?



yyam said...

Hmmmmm....looks very yummy! And what a lovely card...kudos on upcycling that strip! :)

Have a great weekend Sharon!

Josie said...

lovely card girl... everything is so lovey dovey!