Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It seems...

...that I am on a roll, but really I am just channeling all my overwhelm-ness.

Work load is massive!! And also I have some creative orders to make, so before the actual deadline hits, I better start making them at my own pace.

Christmas Musical finally kick-start on saturday, I have 3-4 dance pieces to choreograph & teach...then we have Christmas Open House @ Esplanade, and I have my Grandma's 80th celebration @ Bali. To top it up, we have to get our house decorated and clean. All I need is supernatural strength & wisdom. :)

 Not too happy with the stiching, so I've rip it out, and will re-sew the card this evening.

Thought I'll blog about my last saturday...
 Visited the cemetery, so we got bunches of pretty flowers. It was blazing hot!!

 Then I rushed to Smidapaper, after which we lunched with our soon-to-be mommy, Jessy. She looks so good pregnant, she radiats. I'm sure she will be a very good mommy.

 I cant help but laugh at Cindy's story about eating scones. Eating them will definitely be different now. LOL!

Then it was off to visit Aaron's uncle, who was visiting from Auzzy.

...and then it was a quick shower back home, then I packed some clothes for Greeen Bananas and it was off to church.

I was zonked out!

So in a nutshell, thats how eventful my saturday went. LOL!

Blessed Tuesday!!



Josie said...

It's crazy how limited time we have to do everything... especially as the year end is approaching! You can do it Sharon! Support you all the way!

Jessy Christopher said...

Glad that we met and I had alot of fun with you & the rest! Yes, you have been rolling and your cards are so pretty. Keep them up!