Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Life Week 10

Week 10 was a beautiful week!

We were preparing for our weekend away in Sarawak, Malaysia. A lot of bonding moments, I must say it was a very colorful weekend.

Where do I even begin? All I know is Kingdom Dancers is so blessed. Answering God's call is the most fulfilling thing in life, I dare not even imagine what it could have been if I had shun away.....oh gosh.

As you can tell, I don't PL everyday, I documented one picture from the weekday and the rest of the pics are from the weekend. As it is, week 10 already took up 3 spreads. On some weeks, I may feel like detailing the itsy bitty stuff, and so I follow my heart to do that. Just remember....NO rules.

Week 10:: Spread 1

Week 10:: Spread 2

Week 10:: Spread 3

I phone ratio : 25/27
DSLR ratio: 1/27
Poster pic : 1/27

I love my iphone, I love Project Life. A beautiful combo. Have a great weekend!



Josie said...

What a colorful week for you :) I could tell from all the photos it's been a fruitful one.

Sam said...

I found u here, Sharon!! =) love your spreads as I already told u in IG

Evelin said...

awesome! I have no rules too! some weeks, more spreads, some less! :D