Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project Life Week 11

Hello Mid week!!

So many things and yet so little time. I'm glad I spent a couple of hours to complete documenting week 11.

On the 11th March, my dearest chupsie indian boy turned 32. Oh wow, I spent 8 years of my life with him. It has been quite a journey, but I'm glad I have him beside for every ups n downs. Cheers to many many more good years to come. 

I love you my sayang boy. You're the best!! :)

Week 11: Spread 1

Week 11: Spread 2

This spread is so me!! Still so in love with Neon pink washi!! I wanna stick it on everything but I need to preserve my one and only roll. LLOL. 

Think u might ask, whats up with the hats, but seriously I have a hat/cap head, they fit me like a glove and I happen to look nice in them. LOL. I had one newsboys cap, exactly the same in greyish-green but i LOST it last year, how devastating!!! and it was a gift from aaron. But fret not, the exact same ones has hit the stores...not the same color though. Doing the happy dance!!

Thats all from me!! 


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Cindy Lee said...

Lovely spread, Sharon! You were right about the cap/hat...they surely fit you like a glove! You look like a fashionista!