Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Life week 8 & 9.

Woohooo, finally caught up.

I love how simple it is to play catch up to project life. Simple rule of thumb is to snap a ton of photos, and sort it out by having a monthly folder. Works like butter for me.

Week 8, only a single spread. Definitely a bitter week. The sunshine of this week is getting to meet our friends, and it was beautiful to catch up. :)

Week 9:
Spread 1

Just a simple week with a lot of eating & hanging out with beautiful people.

Spread 2
Photo overloaded. What happens when its a girls night out? We dress up, Laugh, chit chat & snap tons of pictures. Super love. All photographs taken on the same day. 

No rules to PL, a whole spread on a single day? Totally acceptable. LOL!

And peeps, guess what? With week 9 completed, I'm finally back on track. Week 10 is an exciting week, cant wait to PL!!

Have a great weekend,



Josie said...

I totally love how your groove with PL... Totally agree with you about having no rules! Keep it coming babe. Ur spreads inspire me to keep moving on for my PL

Evelin said...

gorgeous pages! I am still playing catch up... gonna try to complete my week 8 today! :D

hugs, babe!

Cindy Lee said...

I love your spread! Keep em' coming! And keep inspire me! :)