Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up with blogging + project life

Hello Peeps.

Some instagram update.

From my desk this morning....

Tried a new sleeve by Becky Higgins for my instagram photos. I love it! Especially with the new app from 'A beautiful Mess', I dont think I need to embellish the photos. YAY!

As you can see, massive amount of photos to PL. I sometimes find it so cluttering to hv so many photos but BUT there is so much to capture. Oh who cares....this project is for me!! *winks*

And just to wind down the busy schedule, sometimes lunch is the only time I hv to gather some thoughts. This book is so speaking to me right now, just carrying it everywhere I go, just in case if I can slip in a few minutes to read. Highly recommended. Lisa Bevere, you have a new fan! Love!

And back to work. Took some time off to blog. Have an awesome mid week!!



Evelin said...

nice! nice!!! :D
How are you, dearie? I am so behind on PL.. haha.. but will just plod on, one step at a time :D

Anonymous said...

wow you have so many pictures!
yes i can't wait to try new pocket by becky higgins