Monday, February 28, 2011

28th February 2011

In a few hours, it is goodbye to February and hello March.
So thankful to have only 28days as we've ran out of 'moolah'
1. Celebrated our romantic evening in a Coffee shop. It was such a great evening.
2. Aaron took 3 hours to make me a lovely card.
3. Took a 45 minutes walk exploring our neighbourhood, sat on the swing & chatted
4. Took Aaron's niece (lil desirae) to the park & watch her run, sing, catch butterflies & have kiddies talk. [Double Smile]

1. Giving out Ang pows during CNY. I feel the pinch alright.
2. Getting frustrated with my scrap space.
3. Missing mummy & daddy
4. Desperately in need of a holiday
Some pics from Feb....
And my best friend without a smile.What can I say, I'm always ready for the camera!! (=


Sharm Nidyanandan said...

wowee! looking gorgeous in the saree gurl!! :) it's cool that u highlights the mths..a nice way to remember each happening :)

Cindy Lee said...

You two make the loveliest couple!! And you look gorgeous in the sari, gf!

Jessy Christopher said...

You definitely look so sweet in the blue saree! You both are always so sweet ;)