Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boy am I on a roll here.

Aha. So surprise myself. (Go Sharon!)

I think whats leading me to create so much in the last one month is my Printer & Instagram(love, love, love). Its the best tool & App for scrappers. I find it so liberating to be able to select pictures in my PJs and print them as and when I want. Oh and Instagram (mamamia), where do I begin that I'm soooo in love with this app? I love how the convenience of a mobile camera can turn into something so pretty. So LOVE!!!

Created this Layout last week.

Very meaningful LO for me. Lots of funny moments with this dinner. First of all, look at the size of this Australian crab claw? Its hugeeee, and of coz it came with a big price tag too. 3 crabs for RM600+ , truly a jaw breaker moment...LOL. Our dinner that night cost us RM1200++.

IT was indeed the highlight of our mini reunion in KL. :)

Have a blessed day.



Josie said...

nice layout! i have been to that restaurant before too... really expensive dinner! :D

Blossom inch said...

great page and I love pinterest and Instagram (IG). You can search for me @yuzzyusof