Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This card makes me happy

I love confettis. Do you? They make me happy.

Scraplifted this card from Celine's blog: http://www.celinenavarro.com/2012/10/inspiration-thursday-with-melissa.html by Melissa. I was immediately inspired and couldnt wait to leave work.

So this is my version of the card. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Please excuse the crooked sewing...LOL, its kinda slippery stiching on plastic.

Seriously, I had to literally stop myself from putting anymore cutesies into this plastic. Super Love.



Evelin said...

I love this too!!! so sweet!!! :D

Waseem said...

I am glad to see it..i wish to keep it in mind and will use as i need it when decorate or design plastic cards.

Zmalik said...

Unique design with eye pleasing shade making your work prominent....can you share something related to Plastic cards with us.....

Blossom inch said...

very cute card babe, love the bits and pieces of beads and sequins

Josie said...

Loving this! great take~!

erinrae said...

Hey- cute card.
You repinned one of my things on Pintrest- I got the notification and thought a relative had found me there. I have an aunt named Sharon Cornelius. Just wanted to share that with you... though it was interesting.

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