Monday, October 8, 2012

Crafting accidents turned pretty. :)

Oh how I enjoyed creating this LO. It was so fun & inspiring and MESSY!!!

If you look close enough at the picture below, I started out by splattering white paint, it was literally all over my desk but my paper....arghhhh. So I decided that white was too subtle and changed it to black just went SPLAT......I was like damn....but I gave it a second look and it was kinda pretty actually. LOL. Almost like a picasso feel to it, dont you think so? hahahhaha.

Perfect FIT!!
Loving my new ballet flats, I've been wearing it everywhere. So super comfy & CUTE!!. And and I love love the Amy Tangerine date stamp, cant get enough of it. :)

Isnt it cute?? {LOVE, LOVE, LOVE}

Keep creating my dear friends. Blessed week 41.



Evelin said...

I love that accidental splatter! :D

Josie said...

OMG! the splat is just right! right place, right time... ahahha Great take!

Sharon Corn said...

Thanks guys!!