Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Do nothing night

Hello Friday. I welcome you with open arms.

This week is quite a busy week for me, busy at work and also busy attending meetings from Mon- Thurs....and tonight I have church. A little bit sleep deprived, only getting sleep 4-5 hours a night. Kinda looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but not for long, coz we need to clean our house.

Anyways, I squeezed in some time to create this LO.

This is one of those LOs where I'm not too sure if I should add more embellishments or leave it as it is....hmmmm....

I ran out of 'S' in this pack of thickers, so I substitute it with '5', not too obvious right?

I remember this night very clearly. I was soo zonked out from work, came back.... took my bath and just parked myself in front of the tv. We were suppose to eat out, but I just couldnt fact I was in my boxers n tank, ready to ZzzzZZ. Aaron was so sweet, he offered to make dinner...just a simple red sauce pasta. It was So so delicious, that I had 2 helpings. After which, he wash the dishes and tucked me to bed.

What a blessed girl I am right? Indeed. How Sweet it is to be loved by him.

Little moments worth cherishing. :)

Have a wonderful weeekend.


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