Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pop up Market / Craft Market

I must apologise for not blogging the whole of last week. I was really busy preparing for my first craft stall. Yes my first, so you can imagine my excitement and also some uncertainty of what to expect. So after many many years of dreaming and wishing that I'll be brave enough to participate in a craft market, that day finally came.

The timing was perfect and I had a blast. The feeling was just so right, just a strong knowing that I'm at the right place. Thank you Jesus. 

I had a really simple set up, no frills....just wanted my handmade cards to shine. As for now, the cards display is working but I would need to brainstorm for something that can hold more. Btw, I'm loving the natural lighting in this place. 

Thank you Emili for purchasing some cards. It was so good to see you and baby Kai.  Happy camper. Yay! 

If you are in Penang, do come by on Sundays to Hin Bus Depot from 11am-5pm for the pop up market. Lots of homemade food too, so come by for lunch or tea. 

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