Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sneak Peak into my rearranged craftroom

Hello Hello.

Recently about a month back, we found out that our office room had water leakage on our terrazzo tiles, causing mold to grow on our wooden shelve unit. We threw almost everything that was infected by mold and cleaned the place up. Technically that left me with no choice but to rearranged & to purchase some items from Ikea. LOL. Cant complain about that right? *winks*

Since we live in a rented apartment, we have to be wise in purchasing any kind of furniture or storage. The most common question I'll ask is - Can I reuse this in my future home? If yes, then we dont mind spending a bit more...but if its a no, then we'll use budgeted items. 

For example the shelves, pictured below. They are cheap. The hinges were RM2.30 per piece and the planks were RM6.90 or so. This is something I dont plan to take to my future home.

I replaced the previous rod with this, so that I can hang the metal baskets. Glad I found a place for my corner chomper & crop-a-dile.

The stamp rack was an impulse thing. I was very much attracted to the hot pink, and it was kinda cheap. LOL....and yes I have very few roller stamps, gotta have more!

Ahhh, the Expedit. Now this is an investment piece. I love everything about it, the size, the sturdiness and of cause the way it looks. I know very well that i'll be taking this to my future home. I heard that Ikea has discontinued their Expedit series and replacing it with another line, perhaps this will be collectors item??? hahahhaa.

Oh yes, and the hot pink swivel chair. I am so so please with it. I can now roll over to take items. haha.

So there a sneak peak into my 'not yet completed' space. :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


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