Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Hello Friends,

Happy Midweek guys. We are coming to the end of March & that is super duper crazy fast.

3 months have passed in 2014, how has the year been? 

Moving on to my attempt on blogging about 'Workspace Wednesdays', below is my washi basket, as you can tell its not at all coordinated. I just dig in and find whatever I want. LOL.

I know my collection is not massive but I do think I have a lot to last me for a life time. I have yet to finish a roll of washi. haha.

I still have space for new washis, maybe I wont feel guilty if I can justify it as filling the basket or space? ha ha. Oh what a hoarder mentality, blame it on crafting.....but seriously I have learned to hoard after I became a crafter. 
Not good, not good.

Think I'm gonna add a new 2014 Goal: Use up all my stuff & no hoarding. LOL!

Side note: I'm at level 141 for frozen. Not sure why I'm still playing this game...hmmmmm...maybe I'm a gamer?

Wishing you a great day!


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