Friday, March 21, 2014

So happy

....i got to craft & complete Project Life week 10.

Hooray! yea lets do the twist. 

Again another simple spread, loving the minimalist approach to PL. I find that being minimal captures the essence of documenting much better than overcrowding the spreads with products and embellishments. 

Well thats just my humble opinion. :) The best is to have your own style and be comfortable in it.

Im so loving that floral 3x4 insert from Maggie holmes, I love how it ties the stamp rack and the window frame together.

 Still loving the 3x4 card... and the sequins pocket from the back. 

And a lil arrow & heart to document how much I love my mini reorganization.

Desk view. :)

So happy to be sitting here after a long tiring week. TQ God for the gift of crafting.

Have a blessed Friday & weekend guys.


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